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Here's another thing to consider.

In Jan/Feb/early March 2020 large volumes of students are coming and going to and from NYC weekend after weekend. I can speak to this first hand. I will add that there was also a massive contigent of Chinese nationals that returned from the holiday break to be included in this mix of people.

These students are having multiple and non-stop close contact with all sorts of elderly people at the University level such as professors, staff, even certain sickly people who do University programs for their cancer treatments and the like.

Nothing whatsoever happened during this time- nothing. Nothing happened to any of these people after this time. How is that possible if this is such a unique and deadly pathogen? It's not.

When they sent everyone home from the Universities everyone was confused. Everyone's looking around wondering what's going on?

Covid is a fiction- all of it. Amazing propaganda campaign- followed by state oppression, mass murder and toxic injections.

Sorry folks- no killer virus anywhere, no bioweapon, no CCP plot and on and on. All of that is noise.

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Here are three additional categories- there are others.

1) At home deaths. The number of at-home deaths in NYC skyrocketed during this time frame. I have the exact numbers somewhere. The reason was in general due to the manufactured hysteria. People were told to stay at home and not "overwhelm" the hospitals (which were never close to being overwhelmed as you know) and they did just that. This led to many individuals who were at some stage of cardiac distress not getting treatment and they died at home.

2) Neglect. Not only was there massive medical slaughter in the nursing homes but there was simple neglect. For those who are in such fragile condition this is a death sentence. That death will happen within days for those who suffer from dementia for example. Already poorly serviced and understaffed nursing homes were having even greater problems getting staff to report to work in the climate of hysteria. This led to many other issues including increased use of sedatives ti "calm" individuals and to stop them from wandering the halls.

3) Trauma and wasting. For those in LTC's trauma and wasting is also a quick death sentence. The trauma of seeing everyone around you suddenly in a mask and PPE and the isolation, not allowed to have intimate contact with family, killed thousands more.

I was someone who was speaking about all of these things in real time in March 2020. I live in New york. They killed these people.

And keep in mind these deaths were what they used to initiate the lockdowns and all of the rest of the crimes.

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Isn't one good approach a comparison of New York City's March+April 2020 deaths spike to the late 2020 spike in Southern California? These were two somewhat similar population sizes. Of course Los Angeles County is not the same density (though density might not matter much), but it seems to be the best comparison to NYC within the U.S. What were the relative % increases in deaths in the two places?

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If you re-run the Wonder data, let me know what it shows for diseases of the heart (ICD I00-I09,I11,I13,I20-I51) in NYC in that time frame. Using the weekly selected deaths file from CDC [1] (which includes all-cause mortality) between the 8 weeks of 3/21 - 5/9 (week ending date) we see heart attacks/disease jumped ~+4,400 from average of 2700 in previous years to 7100 immediately following the lockdowns.

Lingering question - what was it about NYC that made them so prone to use ventilators compared to other large metro areas? I assume this is the primary hypothesis of why London didn't experience such high increases in all-cause mortality despite having similar population demographics and lockdowns?


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NYC was basically a killing field. Hospitals were incentivized for witholding real treatments (HCQ, IVM, vit C, D and Zinc, even Azithromycin) and pushed Remdesivir, Diazepam and ventilation. The results are awful. It's dereliction of duty. Avoid hospitals at ALL cost, especially in NY. It's a matter of life and death.

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